The Media Mobile

With advertising options being more and more diversified, how can you stand out? Media Mobile offers display advertising on a truck mounted with huge LED screens (14’ x 7’) on both sides, which lets you draw your target audience’s attention in any location, and at the right time. In an era when people lead very active lives, mobile billboards are extremely effective compared to traditional media such as newspapers, radio or ad flyers. Through images and sound, you’ll grab their attention while they’re on the go, or attending an event.

Our LED truck drives around for events, festivals, shows and expositions, making it possible to launch an advertising campaign that reaches a wide target and region, at a small price. You can create targeted advertising messages for each event or sector in order to maximize the LED screen’s results. Mobile billboards give you a professional campaign that will leave it its mark on anyone who sees it. You’ll be able to reach new clients, who will also multiply through word-of-mouth.

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